Can’t be everywhere at the same time?

Everything in view – when you're home or away
Do you want to see the status of your appliances at a glance? This is no problem with the Miele@mobile app, whether you are out and about or at home. The app keeps you informed about the status of your appliances at all times. Your smartphone lets you know if you have enough time to unload your washing machine before going out.
The Miele@mobile app*
The Miele@mobile app allows you to operate all of your network-enabled Miele household appliances quickly and easily with a smartphone or tablet. For example, you can access your washing machine, refrigerator or oven directly at any time, request status information, and select functions.
Among other things, the selected programme or the function as well as the time remaining are displayed. The Miele@mobile app lets you know, for instance, how much longer the roast will need to cook in the oven. You will also receive notifications (even on your smart watch) when your intervention is needed – for example, when the dishwasher programme has finished or when the refrigerator door is open. Functions with safety features – such as switching a hob on and off – are excluded, of course. Many other app features, such as the assistance function, depend on the Miele appliances linked to the app.
Simple download from your app store
You must download the free app onto a mobile device (for details of the minimum requirements, please see the information in the app store), accept the terms of use and data privacy statement as well as open a personal user account. You also need a wireless Internet connection so that data can be transferred.
“I am away from home a lot. Being able to operate my domestic appliances with my smartphone puts me at ease.”
Available for a mobile device (min. requirement Android 4.4+ and iOS 9+) Figures as examples for showing the product benefit