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How do I create a user account?
You can create a user account either via the Miele@mobile app or here via the Miele website.

What do I need to do if I move house?
Please just edit your address in the user account to ensure that future orders are correctly addressed. You can do this on the Miele website under "My account" or in the Miele@mobile app under "Settings" -> "Account settings". Tip: changing address by app is currently available via the iOS version. This function will shortly be available for the Android version.
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What should I do in the event I sell or give away my appliance?

Please delete the appliance from your Miele user account and the Miele@mobile app. Please restore the appliance settings to the factory default settings. The WiFi module settings (if available) must be reset separately (WiFi module settings include e.g. WiFi network name and password).

How do I delete my user account?
To delete your user account please contact Miele Technical Service for domestic appliances on the toll-free hotline 0800 22 44 666 or via this Link
Customer Club*
How do I register my appliance for the My Miele Customer Club?

When you have registered your appliance using the Miele@mobile app you can proceed to register your appliance in the My Miele Club via the Miele@mobile App under "Settings" -> " Register Miele appliance". Alternatively you can register your appliance in the My Miele Club on the Miele website under "My appliances" using the serial number.

My Miele offers the following benefits when you register your Miele appliances:

1. An immediate reduction of up to 3 % on your accessories and consumables orders from the Miele Online shop

2. Visibility of all suitable accessories for your appliances

3. Visibility of operating instructions for your Miele appliances

4. Visibility of all your orders

5. Access to your subscriptions

6. Regular updates about new products and special offers

7. 48 hour customer technical service (Monday to Friday only, excluding public holidays)
WiFi router requirements
What are the requirements for my WiFi router?

Miele uses the WiFi standards IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, so our appliances can be connected to all commercially available WiFi routers. For easy connection of your appliance to your router, we support WPS push button configuration. Information on WPS Push-Button support and activity can be found in the operating instructions for your WiFi router.

Please also make sure that you configure a secure method of encryption for your WiFi.
We recommend the use of secure WPA2 encryption with a long, randomly-generated password (Tip: the WiFi password must consist of between 8 and 32 characters.)
Data protection
How is the security of my data assured?

The security of your data is our top priority. That is why we use transport layer security (TLS), an encryption method used in online banking, in conjunction with security certificates to transmit your data over the Internet. We regularly review our encryption methods with external security specialists.

Use of the Miele@mobile app and control of your household appliances is possible only via your personal user account. This account is protected by your personal password. This prevents others from accessing your appliances.

The software used by the communication module in your appliance is updated regularly to ensure compliance with the latest security standards. This also takes place using TLS.

Does my network-capable Miele appliance send data automatically?

No. Data is transmitted only if you decide to use the networking function of your Miele appliance, activate the function on the appliance, and register the appliance via the Miele@mobile app.
Data storage
What data is stored?

Only the data required for the Miele@mobile app to function is stored. This is the user account, appliance information (e.g. serial number and model) and information about the Miele@mobile app. The latter is for the delivery of push notifications. For more information see the data privacy statement for the Miele@mobile app. This can be found in the Miele@mobile app under “Settings”.

Where is the data stored?

Your data is securely stored at the Miele data centre in Gütersloh (Germany) and at additional, certified external data centres in the European Union (ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and ISO 9001 certifications).
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Thanks to the app, you can not only monitor your appliances conveniently via your smartphone or tablet, but also control them and even order accessories, laundry detergent and dishwasher detergents directly from the online shop as needed.

Which systems is the Miele@mobile app available for?
Please refer to the information on the App Store for the minimum requirements.

What do I need in order to use the Miele@mobile app?
You need a smartphone or a tablet, a WiFi network and an Internet connection. If you would like to use your Miele@mobile app while out and about as well, you also need mobile Internet access.

What settings do I need to use in order to receive notifications?
The first time you activate the app you will be asked whether the messaging function should be activated. It can be deactivated again in the app for each appliance.

How often will a notification be sent?
A notification is sent for every use. In addition to information that tabs should be ordered, for example, you will also be notified of malfunctions as well as the end of a programme. This function can be deactivated if desired.

Can I also receive notifications by e-mail or SMS?
No, e-mail and SMS notifications are not supported.
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Why do I have to activate MobileControl on the appliance first before I can control it via the app?
This is an additional security measure. It informs the customer that the appliance can also be started remotely, for example.

Can several people use the app at the same time?
Yes, each person must install the Miele@mobile app and log in with the same user account.

Can I register several appliances of the same type in the app?
Yes. You can also rename the appliances so you can differentiate them.

What happens if I change my mobile phone? Do I have to go through the whole registration process again?
No, you just need to log into your user account on your new mobile phone.

Can I also use the Miele@mobile app with XGW3000 and ZigBee appliances?
Yes, XGW3000 is compatible with the Miele@mobile app.

Can I also use the Miele@mobile app with XGW2000 and Powerline appliances?
This is not currently supported.
WiFiConn@ct allows Miele appliances to be easily integrated into the local WiFi network – without any additional components.

How do I register my appliance for my network?
You can use the Miele@mobile app to register your appliance.

How do I register my Miele appliance via WPS for my WiFi network?
You need a WiFi router that supports WPS for this. The Miele@mobile app supports this process (link to brief instructions)

How can I tell whether my WiFi network is available at the installation site?
Use the WiFi signal strength display on your smartphone or tablet.

What is the range from the WiFi module?
The WiFi range depends on household conditions.

What do I do if the WiFi signal at the installation site does not reach my Miele appliance?
In this case we recommend the use of a commercially available WiFi repeater, e.g. Devolo, to increase the range of the WiFi network.
ShopConn@ct offers the option of being notified directly when supplies, such as detergent or rinse aid, are needed. You can then order via the Miele@mobile app.

How does ShopConn@ct work?
If the appliance determines that something is in short supply, you will be notified and can order directly from the online shop using the ShopConn@ct function.

Which products can I order via the shop?
Everything. You can order our complete product range of accessories and cleaning agents from the shop.
SuperVision / Con@ctivity 2.0
Thanks to SuperVision the current status and the time left of your other appliances can be displayed, for example, on your oven. Con@ctivity ensures perfect coordination between the cooker hood and the hob and thereby guarantees perfect results.

I already have Miele appliances and am using SuperVision with ZigBee. Can I add another appliance with WiFiConn@ct?
You need the XGW3000 gateway to connect your WiFiConn@ct appliances to your ZigBee system.

Does Con@ctivity also work with WiFiConn@ct?
No, not at the moment.

Can I connect my Con@ctivity system with the Miele@mobile app?
The Con@ctivity system can be connected to the Miele@mobile app in combination with the XGW3000 gateway. Miele@home (general)

Can I use my old XGW3000 and my new WiFiConn@ct appliance together with the Miele@mobile app?
Yes, the Miele@mobile app can work simultaneously with the XGW3000 gateway and with WiFiConn@ct appliances.
Integration into the home network
What options are there for home networking?
Via the Miele@home Gateway XGW3000, other home networking systems can access the information about Miele appliances. There are currently solutions available from several companies, such as Busch Jaeger, Gira, SMA.

Will integration into a home network continue to be possible?
Yes, the XGW3000 gateway will also make WiFiConn@ct appliances available via the House bus 1.0 interface.
Does the Miele@mobile app function with the QIVICON home base?
No, not at the moment.
Further questions
In the service area, you will find more answers about installing and using networked Miele appliances.
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