Convenient online shopping for everyday supplies?

Convenient ordering via the internet
Do you like shopping online because it is convenient and saves you time? With ShopConn@ct you can order supplies for your appliances conveniently via the internet.
When your dishwasher detergent is almost used up, your dishwasher automatically sends a message to your mobile device. When you open the message, you are transferred to the Miele Shop where you can order new supplies straight away. Just a few clicks and your order will be dispatched in no time.
For washing machines with TwinDos – the world's first networked dispensing system – ShopConn@ct lets you know when detergent fill levels are low. This makes ordering detergent for your washing machine very convenient.
"I like to take care of everyday needs as quickly and conveniently as possible. Preferably with my smartphone."
Discover excellent cleaning results with AutoDos: the world's first automatic dispensing with integrated PowerDisk.
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