Individual Product Consultation

Miele Home Demonstration Programme: Individual product advice in the comfort of your own home

Individual Product Consultation: Individual product advice in the comfort of your own home

Miele machines are of high quality and innovative – by purchasing Miele, you have opted for the best. To ensure enjoyment and long-term satisfaction with your appliances and a multitude of functions, we would like to introduce you to an attractive offer: the Individual Product Consultation.

This service is tailored to suit your exact needs. You receive extensive advice on the functions and optimum use of your own Miele appliances in your own home.

Together we will programme your machines to suit your personal needs. We will explain specific features and give you advice on maintenance and operation. We also show you how you can achieve the best results and give you valuable tips to ensure that you can enjoy your appliances for a very long time.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Personal consultation
    Miele experts give you individual advice - in your own home, for your own appliances.
  • Set-up of your favourite programmes
    Using customised programming your appliances can be programmed to suit your needs and preferences perfectly.
  • Tips& tricks for perfect results
    You will receive helpful information on operating and maintaining your appliances.

Miele Value-Added Services

We provide personal product consultation in your home. We offer you this service at a price of $180 per hour, regardless of how many Miele home appliances you wish to include in your consultation.


Price (SGD) of an Individual Product Consultation 

First Hour $185
Subsequent hour $125


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