Good taste is not a question of time

Save time with no compromise on quality 
There is one further ingredient that makes the Miele Dialog oven truly unique, and that is time. While complicated meals have previously been associated with lengthy preparation and cooking times, the unparalleled technology achieves at least the same level of quality in only a fraction of the time. Succulent, melt-in-the-mouth pulled pork normally needs to be slow-cooked for between 8 and 16 hours in order to acquire its incredible taste. Just imagine getting exactly this result – after a mere two and a half hours. 
Perfection starts with defrosting 
With the Miele Dialog oven, you can cook food that remains outstandingly fresh and delivers amazing quality, even if it was previously frozen. Its gentle technology eliminates the difference in quality that once existed between a fresh item and a frozen one. So you can rely on ingredients being just as perfectly fresh as if they had come straight from the weekly market. 
Figures as examples for showing the product benefit