Perfectly tailored to your requirements

Our classic appliance – 14 cm high, 60 cm wide
With a height of 14 cm, the Miele Gourmet warming drawer can be perfectly combined with a 45 cm high compact appliance such as a Miele coffee machine, steam oven, steam combination oven or microwave combination oven – to make the best possible use of a 60 cm high niche. You can choose between two different design variants to ensure that the Miele drawer matches your other appliances and blends in perfectly in your kitchen. 
The extra-large drawer – 29 cm high, 60 cm wide
Our 29 cm high Gourmet drawers provide plenty of space. They can be combined with a classic 60 cm high oven to make perfect use of an 88 cm high niche. The drawers are available in 3 glass colours and in a full stainless steel front. The PureLine design line also features a stainless steel trim. This always ensures a harmonious appearance in your kitchen.
The hybrid solution for 90 cm niches 
When installing two 45 cm high appliances one above the other and placing a 60 cm high appliance directly next to it, this Gourmet drawer perfectly fills the created niche. The resulting gap below the 60 cm high appliance can now be filled with an ESW 7030 Gourmet drawer. With an approx. height of 32 cm, its front is higher than other Miele Gourmet drawers. This minimises the visible gap in relation to the top appliance, matching the clearance between the two 45 cm appliances.With this installation option, the ENB 1060 base insert should be used between the two 45 cm appliances to ensure the optimum gap.The ESW 7030 is also ideal for use in combination with the Miele KWT 6422 iG wine unit when there is a 60 cm built-in appliance installed directly next to it.
Figures as examples for showing the product benefit