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Steam cooking through the ages
Where did the idea of steam cooking come from? It originated in China, where cooking with steam has been the preferred method of food preparation for millennia: double-walled cooking containers made from bamboo were stacked on top of each other with different items of food in each one. The food was then cooked gently and healthily. The benefits of this special method of cooking were, however, underestimated for a long time in the West. Miele built on the original tradition of steam cooking and combined it with innovative ideas and technologies. The Miele steam oven brings this wonderful method of cooking into your kitchen, complete with numerous advantages. Enjoy convenient and healthy cooking and incredible flavours. 
Outstanding expertise 
In autumn 2016 Miele produced the one millionth steam oven. This number illustrates a success story as only 20 years ago domestic steam ovens were rarities in the kitchen. It was Miele that helped this product to break through – and we still offer the broadest assortment of steam ovens and combination products today. 
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