Rekindling holiday memories?

Inspiration for cooking and baking
Which recipe will bring memories of your holiday into your home? When it comes to new ideas and tips on cooking and baking, the recipe function in the Miele@mobile app is just what you need: to find the right recipe for a special occasion quickly or to inspire you to turn an average day into a special day. This enables you to add new recipes to your usual menu, even spontaneously, and try out cooking trends or find the right recipe with the relevant nutrients for a specific season.
How-to videos for the easy reproduction of dishes
If you really like a dish, simply save it as a favourite. Or compile your personal shopping list for a specific recipe. There's no need to look up special preparation methods or every step when following a recipe – the integrated how-to videos show and explain tips and tricks to inexperienced and experienced cooks alike in an easy-to-understand way, for example, how to perfectly chop up a pepper or sauté scallops.
Have you discovered a new favourite recipe?
Your Dialog oven knows exactly what to do! In no time at all, your smartphone can provide you with delicious recipes as well as the right automatic programme for your Dialog oven. With the Miele@mobile app, you can now browse for great recipes without having to worry about functions or the right number of Gourmet units. Once you've found your new favourite recipe, simply tap it to send it from the app to your Dialog oven – which will then also receive the right automatic programme and the correct appliance settings at the same time. You can start the programme immediately, at a later time or using the option that ensures it will be finished by a certain time.All this makes preparing even difficult recipes child's play. Outstanding results are just a tap away.
”The recipe was brilliant. And the preparation made so easy.”
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