Suitable for any requirement

To ensure you can start preparing delicious dishes straight away, Miele cookers, ovens, Dialog ovens and combination steam ovens are equipped with various accessories. To help you get even more out of the oven compartment when using the different operating modes of your appliance, Miele also provides baking and universal trays – tailored to each intended purpose. Our flat trays are ideal for baking and you can use our deep universal trays for baking delicious tray bakes, or as roasting trays for fish or meat. The perforated baking tray and the perforated round baking tin are also ideal for baking crispy rolls, biscuits or French fries. The perforation optimises air circulation and enables AirFrying. Practical tip: all Miele baking and universal trays can be placed on the FlexiClip runners or directly inserted into the side runners.
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