The perfect addition for special applications

Simple dispensing – perfect results
Would you like to achieve perfect wash results on items requiring special treatment such as woollens or outdoor clothing too – with very little effort? Miele capsules are the answer. These small single-use capsules are simply placed into the fabric conditioner compartment. The Miele washing machine dispenses the contents of the capsules at the perfect point in time during the wash process – completely automatically. Miele capsules can also be opened using the practical pull-tag lid, allowing them to be used in other washing machine models. The user simply adds the contents to the detergent drawer.
Wash with the ideal dispensed quantity
Each capsule contains exactly the right amount of detergent for a wash cycle with the right load size. This also means that there is no risk of adding too little detergent. Your garments are always thoroughly cleaned and cared for – without wasting detergent.
Pack sizes
You can purchase the same type of capsule in boxes containing three, six or nine portioned single-use caps per unit, whichever is most suitable for your frequency of use. For those who would like to familiarise themselves with our comprehensive range of caps, we offer our 6-pack Caps Collection. Use the 6-pack portioned capsules to test the versatile applications that Miele Caps offer.
CapDosing portioned dispensing*
Easy and sustainable: optimum dispensing of special-purpose detergents, fabric conditioners and additives with CapDosing.
For maximum sustainability
The source material of Miele capsule cups consists of 100 % recycled plastic.
Patent EP 2 365 120 Figures as examples for showing the product benefit