Customisation on request

Customised chimney
On request, Miele can customise your cooker hood to the space requirements of your kitchen. This could involve, for instance, lengthening or shortening the chimney to suit the ceiling height. Miele can also scribe the angle of the chimney piece for installation under a pitched roof.
Customised canopy
Miele can also build cooker hood canopies to suit your requirements. For instance, does your cooking area example, consist of several Miele CombiSet elements which need a wider cooker hood to cover them all? No problem – Miele can supply cooker hoods up to 240 cm wide.
Powder-coated finish in broad RAL range of colours
Not only are all kitchens built differently, they also come in different colours. With Miele you can even choose the colour of your cooker hood. The high-quality RAL-powder-coated finish is available in a wide range of colours and is also hard-wearing and easy to clean.
Figures as examples for showing the product benefit