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DA 6000 W "Cabrio"
Miele's Cabrio model is perfectly in tune with the trend for designer kitchens. The cooker hood is integrated into the rear wall behind the hob. When not in use, only the elegant horizontal silver-metallic glass panels are visible. When switched on, the canopy opens automatically. At the same time, every second glass panel inclines to capture rising steam and vapours. Indirect LED lighting sets the scene when the Cabrio is not in use. Another fascinatingly different approach with which Miele once more sets the standard.
DA 424 V-6 "Varia"
Miele's height adjustable Varia cooker hood solves an age-old problem: install the hood too high and it will not extract vapours properly; install it too low and you will not see the hob properly and the kitchen will look out of proportion.
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