Savings for the life of your tumble dryer

Exclusive to Miele
EcoDry technology
EcoDry technology consists of a perfectly tuned, patented* filtration system and a maintenance-free heat exchanger. This system ensures that fluff does not settle in the heat exchanger. With systems without EcoDry, the heat exchanger can clog up over time, which results in constantly increasing energy consumption and longer drying times throughout the service life of the tumble dryer. brEcoDry – good for your laundry and your wallet.
Exclusive to Miele
Short programme running times, low energy consumption
Miele’s EcoDry technology guarantees short drying times throughout the entire service life of your appliance. In systems without EcoDry, the heat exchanger may clog with fluff over time. This results in less warm air inside the drum to absorb moisture from the laundry. This extends the programme running time required to achieve the desired drying results. brLonger programme running times also mean that the heat pump has to operate for longer. This increases energy consumption and energy costs. After a certain amount of use, this can mean that the energy efficiency class listed on the label of the tumble dryer will no longer apply.
Patent EP 2 455 537 Figures as examples for showing the product benefit