The best liquid detergent system

Perfect wash results
Miele has revolutionised laundry care: no other liquid detergent system washes both white and coloured items as thoroughly as the 2-Phase-System from Miele. This has been proven in comprehensive tests. The secret of the excellent wash performance lies in the two liquid detergent components UltraPhase 1 and UltraPhase 2: they are dispensed from separate cartridges at the perfect time during the wash process – completely automatically. The great advantage of this dispensing principle: For the first time you can now wash both white and coloured items perfectly with liquid detergents. A revolution in laundry care as conventional liquid detergents do not contain bleaching agents. This is only possible with the Miele 2-Phase-System, which dispenses the required active components in stages.
Textile type, amount of laundry and degree of soiling must all be taken into consideration for correct dosing of detergent. That sounds complicated. Now Miele takes care of it.
With the TwinDos function you can integrate two detergent containers into the washing machine and the appliance dispenses the optimum amount for your laundry items with the push of a button.
For best results we recommend you use the unique Miele 2-phase detergent UltraPhase 1 and 2. TwinDos dispenses both components into the wash process at the respective optimum time. This cleans your clothing thoroughly, makes colours bright and whites brilliant.
Alternatively, TwinDos can automatically dispense conventional liquid detergents or fabric conditioners. You simply add them to the refill containers that are available as Miele accessories and the machine promptly takes over dispensing of the correct dose.
No matter what you decide: With Miele TwinDos, dispensing is always optimal, easy and clean. And what if you want to use a different detergent - for example powder? No problem! You can use the detergent drawer as usual.
One UltraPhase 1 and one UltraPhase 2 cartridge when purchasing a washing machine with TwinDos.
Fully automatic dispensing
When you buy a washing machine with TwinDos, you will receive 4 UltraPhase 1 cartridges and 3 UltraPhase 2 cartridges free of charge* – the equivalent of more than 80 euros in value, allowing you to save on more than six months' worth of detergent costs.*
Patent: EP 2 784 205 Figures as examples for showing the product benefit