Simply magic 

Can you cook a fish in a block of ice? This is just one example of the many questions that keep us busy every day. Because it is only by contemplating the impossible that we can create 1000 new possibilities for our customers. From the electrically operated dishwasher to the built-in steam oven and the Gourmet warming drawer, Miele appliances have been setting new standards for decades. And GENERATION 7000, to be launched in 2019, is no exception. This range features numerous innovations that no modern kitchen should be without. 
Fish in ice 
With the Dialog oven, we have invented a whole new way of cooking. The M Chef technology cooks the entire volume of the food from the outset, rather than working from the outside in. This means you can actually cook a fish in a block of ice without the ice melting. This unique technology will inspire amateur cooks and top chefs alike and turn their creativity into true magic. 
The conventional ovens in the GENERATION 7000 range also come with a number of new functions to give you more freedom when cooking. TasteControl, for example, opens the oven door automatically to prevent the food from carrying on cooking beyond the perfect degree of doneness, so you can relax and take care of your guests. 
And thanks to FoodView, you can keep an eye on your food via a camera in the oven even when you're not at home. The temperature and time can be conveniently controlled via the app. 
These innovations and more besides – all of which were developed in house and feature the “Exclusive to Miele” seal of approval – are presented in more detail in the following sections. 
Figures as examples for showing the product benefit