Voucher redemption dryer basket

Our gift for you!

Order your free tumble dryer basket!

Thank you for choosing a Miele dryer. Look forward to a free dryer basket. Just redeem your voucher and it will soon be yours.

Dryer Basket Redemption

Free tumble dryer basket

Especially for your Miele dryer TWV 780!

Voucher redemption - so easy!

  1. Click on "Redeem voucher" to select the TRK555 dryer basket. Place it in the shopping basket.
  2. Enter the voucher code.
  3. Complete the order.

You will receive the dryer basket conveniently and free of delivery costs to your home shortly.

anc_Right Voucher Redemption

General conditions

General conditions

  • This offer is only valid in xxx and can only be redeemed in the Miele online shop. 
  • No cash payment. 
  • Only one voucher code per order.
  • Cannot be used for other campaigns.
  • Selling the voucher on is not permitted. 
  • Illustrations are exemplary.
  • Delivery only within xxxx.