Terry towelling

Terrycloth is looped fabric woven according to a specific pattern.

Washing: Terrycloth is normally as a rule dyed to be washable in boiling water. Bathrobes only withstand washing up to 60° C. You should wash terrycloth towels separately the first two times at 60° C, because the release of excess dye is normal. Be aware that small loads of towelling can give off fluff.
Our recommendation: Wash new towelling in the biggest possible load.

Drying: Towelling quickly becomes hard when dried on a clothesline. This can be prevented by using a tumble dryer. Too much fabric conditioner can impair its absorbency. The patented1) honeycomb drum in our tumble dryers leaves your towels pleasantly fluffy even without fabric conditioner, because an air cushion is created by the honeycombed drum surface, which gently cushions the laundry.