The Miele Steam Combination Oven

Steaming, roasting, baking, amazing.

For a limited time only! Receive a premium accessory package worth $1,160 with purchase of DGC XL / DGC XXL.

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Combination Cooking

Unlocks the magic of combination cooking: For perfect roasting and baking every time.

Combination Cooking gives you the optimal mix of moisture and dry heat to achieve the perfect cooking environment for almost any imaginable recipe–from freshly baked breads to mouth-watering roasts. Freely select between a combination of steam and another baking or roasting function. You can also adjust and change the temperature (40°C to 225°C) and adjust the moisture content at 1% intervals (0% to 100%) as many as six times in rapid succession. It’s one more way Miele gives you maximum flexibility–for the best baking and roasting results.

MultiSteam cooking technology

Releases food’s intense, natural flavours: MultiSteam cooking technology.

MultiSteam is designed to enhance your food’s rich, natural flavours and colours. It also preserves all of the natural vitamins while avoiding oxidation. The multilevel steam inlet ports cook food quickly and evenly with even temperatures throughout the oven’s cavity. The result: delicious, healthy meals.

Food Probe

Keeps you in perfect control: The Food Probe.

Cook meat, fish, and poultry separately and with precise temperature control: the Food Probe lets you select your preferred core temperature for perfect, effortless results. It shows you the remaining cooking time, which frees you up from constantly having to monitor your dish while it cooks.


Accessory package

For a limited time only!

Receive a premium accessories set worth $1,160 to complement your cooking experience with purchase of a DGC XL / DGC XXL!

Miele Gourmet Casserole Dish:

Constructed of die-cast aluminium with a high-quality non-stick finish, the Miele Gourmet Casserole Dish is easy to clean and prevents food from sticking. Now you can prepare your favourite meat and vegetable casseroles, and place the oven dish directly on either side racks or FlexiClip runners.

Fully telescopic FlexiClip runners:

The fully telescopic FlexiClip runners with PerfectClean finish are designed to fit easily onto the side racks, allowing you to use every level of your oven for added flexibility. You can pull hot dishes away from the heat safely and conveniently before removing them from the oven.

Perforated Gourmet baking tray:

Inspired by professional ovens, this baking tray is ideal for baking with moisture. By allowing moisture to penetrate even from the bottom of the tray, you can achieve incredible results. Now you can make you favourite crunchy baked goods, from bread and crisp pizzas to quiche. And thanks to the tray’s PerfectClean finish, it’s especially easy to clean.

Terms & Conditions

The voucher for the free accessory package is included in the on-pack of your Miele Steam Combination oven XL / XXL.

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Applicable Models

The free accessory package is available on the following selected models, to learn more click on the product name:(Overview selected models DGC XL / XXL according to VG offer)