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GP GSB KM 0101 M Replacement blades, 10 pieces
GP GSB KM 0101 MReplacement blades, 10 pieces

For cleaning scraper.

1 items = 3.90 SGD
SGD $ 39.00
DGSE 1 Serving dish for steam cooking container
DGSE 1Serving dish for steam cooking container

Food served in style, enjoyed hot.

SGD $ 368.00
HGH Skewer clamps for grilling
HGHSkewer clamps for grilling

For grilling rolled meat, poultry, joints, etc.

SGD $ 122.00
HEG Handle

For safe removal of hot, fully-loaded trays and racks.

SGD $ 59.00
DGSB 1 Cutting board
DGSB 1Cutting board

with 2 inserted steam cooking containers.

SGD $ 446.00
GP GS KM 0011 M Scraper for cleaning
GP GS KM 0011 MScraper for cleaning

For ceramic glass hobs.

SGD $ 39.00
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