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WA UC 2003 L USAUltraColor liquid detergent 2 l

for coloureds and dark garments.

WA DF 252 LSpecial detergent for down 250 ml

ideal for pillows, sleeping bags or high-quality down clothing.

WA SP 252 LSpecial detergent Sport 250 ml

Perfect for breathable sports clothing

WA OU 252 LSpecial detergent Outdoor 250 ml

Perfect for high-quality outdoor and functional clothing

WA IM 252 LProofing agent 250 ml

Ideal for sports and rainwear

WA SO 1502 LFabric conditioner 1.5 litres

Particularly suitable for towelling items.

WA WC 1502 LWoolCare detergent for delicates 1.5 l

For wool, silks and delicates.

WA UW 2502 PUltraWhite powder detergent 2.5 kg

for optimum results with white and colour-fast textiles.

WA SE 1803 PPowder det. for sensitive skin 1.8 kg

For optimum results on white textiles and dye-fast coloureds.

WA CSOA 0901 LAqua caps

9-pack fabric softener for freshly scented laundry.

1 ITEMS = 1.11 SGD
WA CWC 0901 LWoolCare caps

9-pack wool and delicates detergent.

1 ITEMS = 1.67 SGD
WA CBO 0601 LBooster caps

6-pack maximum strength stain remover.

WA CDC 0601 LDownCare caps

6-pack special detergent for down filled garments.

WA CSP 0601 LSport caps

6-pack special detergent for synthetic fabrics.

WA UD 1501 LUltraDark 1.5 l

for black and dark textiles

WA CCR 0301 LCottonRepair caps

3-pack special detergent for cotton fabrics.

WA UP1 1401 LMiele UltraPhase 1

2-component detergent for whites and coloured items.

SGD $ 28.00** Details
WA UP2 1401 LMiele UltraPhase 2

2-component detergent for whites and coloured items.

SGD $ 28.00** Details
Set UltraPhaseMiele UltraPhase 1 and 2

Half-year supply of Miele detergents

WA CCO 0601 LCaps Collection

Product trial box containing 6 capsules of various types.

SGD $ 13.00** Details
WA UC 2004 LUltraColor liquid detergent 2 l

New formula with the fresh Miele Aqua fragrance. 

Set UC+UW Series 120UltraColor UltraWhite set

Half-year supply of Miele detergents

*Unit Price in SGD is inclusive of 7% GST.
**Unit Price in SGD is inclusive of 7% GST.
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