Originally used for trousers for workers, denim is available today in the form of skirts, bags, shirts, jackets and numerous other items of clothing. The basis for the production of jeans is cotton. The twill weave of different colour threads (normally white and blue) creates the specific jeans pattern, where one side of the fabric has a blue sheen and the other side appears white.

Washing: In principle, denim should not be washed at temperatures hotter than 60° C, and stretch denim only at up to 30° C, using delicates detergent without optical brighteners. Turn your jeans and denim garments inside out before washing to avoid white stripes (whitening) during spinning. Denim should be spun at a reduced spin speed only. To avoid discolouration of other textiles, denim should be washed separately the first time. Miele provides a special Denim programme to care for your garments, in which the drum rhythm, water level and spin speed are adapted precisely to the requirements of the textile.
The result: Optimum wash results, very little creasing and gentle laundry care.

Drying: Miele tumble dryers also have a special Denim programme. The temperature management and specific drying levels developed for these textiles ensure that your favourite jeans fit perfectly even after drying.

Ironing: It is not absolutely essential to iron denim. However, to achieve a perfect ironing result set the temperature to high and use lots of steam.