EVS 7010 - Handleless built-in vacuum drawer, 14 cm high

EVS 7010
Handleless built-in vacuum drawer, 14 cm high for professional vacuum packing of food.

Price: SGD $ 6,100.00 
Article color:  
  • Obsidian black
  • Graphite grey
  • Obsidian black matt

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Handleless built-in vacuum drawer, 14 cm high for professional vacuum packing of food.

  • Remains fresh for longer – storage and portioning of food
  • Intense taste – marinading food
  • Preparation of food for sous-vide cooking
  • Easy handling – Touch controls and fully telescopic runners

    SensorTouch controls 

    Elegant and easy to clean: convenient operation with state-of-the-art technology via a flush touch panel. 

    Fully telescopic runners

    So convenient: you can open the drawer fully so it is easy to load or unload.
  • Opening the drawer couldn’t be easier – Push2open


    Open in no time: light pressure on the drawer is all it takes.

Product details - EVS 7010

Construction type and design 
Built-in vacuum sealing drawer

Built-in vacuum drawer

Indispensable for sous-vide cooking: built-in vacuum drawers prepare food for gentle cooking in a vacuum.
Obsidian black
Convenience features 
Preparing food for sous-vide cooking

Preparation for sous-vide cooking 

Perfect for sous-vide cooking: the vacuum-sealed food retains its flavour and nutrients. 
Food can be stored for longer

Longer storage life 

Store food in ideal conditions: vacuum seal your food to keep it fresher for longer. 
Marinating food
Operating modes 
Vacuum sealing

Vacuum sealing 

Ideal conditions: vacuum sealing can be used for food storage, portioning, marinating and re-sealing. 
Range of applications 
Vacuum sealing food

Large range of applications 

With our vacuum sealing drawer, you can divide food into portions, prepare it for storage and much more. 
Marinating food


Create amazing taste sensations by vacuum sealing food with herbs and marinades.
Dividing food into portions


Whether you’re cooking a feast or dinner for one – make individual portions for storing or sous-vide cooking. 
Vacuum sealing containers

Vacuum sealing in containers 

Blanching food in containers: delicate foodstuffs such as fruit or herbs are left intact. 
Resealing original packaging


Keep food tasting fresh: reseal opened packaging gently and securely.
Sealing jars

Sealing jars 

Store food securely to keep it fresh: pesto, baby food and much more can be vacuum sealed in jars.
Vacuum sealing liquids

Vacuum sealing liquids 

Save space and store food securely: even liquids can be easily vacuum sealed in a plastic bag.
User convenience 
Stainless steel vacuum sealing chamber capacity in l
Minimum bag size in mm
Maximum bag size in mm
Push2open mechanism
Fully telescopic runners for easy loading and unloading of the warming drawer
Control panel with sensor controls
Control panel with symbols
Vacuuming strength min. in steps

Three vacuum settings 

Tailored settings: you can choose between three vacuum sealing levels depending on the food in question.
Max. vacuum settings

Three vacuum settings 

Tailored settings: you can choose between three vacuum sealing levels depending on the food in question.
LED vacuum setting indicator
Vacuuming strength min. for external containers in steps
Max. vacuum settings for external containers
LED vacuum setting indicator
Sealing duration settings
1 - 3
LED sealing duration indicator
Stop function
Vacuum-sealing technology 
Stainless-steel vacuum chamber

Easy-to-clean interior 

Simply clean: with its smooth stainless steel surfaces, the vacuum sealing chamber is extremely easy to clean. 
Pump capacity in m³/h
Cleaning and care 
Flush control panel
Note regarding moisture removal from the vacuum pump
Replaceable sealing bar
Safety switch-off

Safety switch-off 

Perfect protection: if you forget to switch off the appliance, the automatic safety system steps in. 
Technical data 
Appliance width in mm
Appliance height in mm
Appliance depth in mm
Useable interior height in mm
Total rated load in kW
Voltage in V
Frequency in Hz
Fuse rating in A
Number of phases
Mains cable with plug
Length of supply lead in m
Accessories included 
Adapter for vacuum-sealing container

Reusable vacuum sealing containers 

The sustainable alternative: unlike vacuum sealing bags, you can reuse vacuum sealing containers over and over. 
Vacuum sealing bag support
Vacuum sealing bags

Food-safe vacuum sealing bags

Safely packed: Miele vacuum sealing bags are temperature-resistant, airtight and do not affect flavour. 
Number of vacuum sealing bags 180 x 280 mm
Number of vacuum sealing bags 240 x 350 mm

Installation sketch

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