Blended fabrics

Cotton becomes more sophisticated by blending it with viscose, and cashmere becomes more affordable by blending it with cotton. Classic blended fabrics consist of a mixture of cotton and synthetic fibres. Similarly, microfibre fabrics are a combination of different basic materials. When it comes to care, the most sensitive component in the fabric determines the washing programme.

Washing: To be on the safe side use the patented1) Miele automatic programme for mixed loads of cotton and easy-care laundry. A sensor determines the current load situation using a clever technical procedure, and the electronics adapt the programme cycle to suit the load.

Drying: We also recommend the Miele automatic programme for gentle drying.

Ironing: You should always iron mixed fabrics at the temperature suited to the most sensitive fibre in the blend. For example, you would only iron a linen-viscose blend using the lower temperature suitable for viscose.