The South American vicuña llama provides the silky shining wool for this noble material. One animal can produce enough wool for one pullover each year. Although the fleece of the alpaca is very fine and light, it is very durable and supple. The individual fibres of alpaca fur are hollow inside. This makes them extraordinarily good at controlling heat. The thick, silky fabric is used almost exclusively for high-quality woollen garments such as women's coats and suits. The natural shades of alpaca wool are from the wool itself and consequently are called natural colours.

Washing: Delicate knitted textiles can be washed without trouble in the Miele Woollens handwash programme.

Drying: After washing, the Woollens handcare programme in a Miele dryer will leave the textiles feeling nice and soft. Finally lay your woollens out flat to dry in fresh air for a while – done.

Extra tip: The gentle liquid detergent WoolCare from the Miele CareCollection with its fibre-protection components against felting and colour-protection formula for bright colours ensures gentle cleaning and care.