Which freshness system would you like?

Fresh food is the basis for wholesome, healthy living. Fruit and vegetables should be consumed as crisp and fresh as when purchased. But who has the time to buy fresh ingredients every day? Apart from the quality of the food at the point of purchase, the right storage conditions are also important. The storage conditions determine how fresh, tasty and healthy food still is when preparing it for consumption. The solution: PerfectFresh Pro and PerfectFresh.
PerfectFresh Pro
Food stays fresh for up to five times longer. In the automatically controlled temperature range between 0 and +3 °C, meat, fish and many types of dairy products remain fresh for up to three times longer. Fruit and vegetables retain their freshness for up to five times longer – thanks to the optimised humidity controls on the drawer. Furthermore, bright integrated LED lighting ensures a perfect overview of the food.
With PerfectFresh, food stays fresh for up to three times longer. The temperature range from 0 °C to +3 °C offers ideal conditions to provide meat, fish and many dairy products with a significantly longer shelf life. Fruit and vegetables in the humidity-controlled compartment are stored in ideal conditions with an ideal temperature and a high humidity level. Vital nutrients, flavour and texture are retained for a long time – for noticeably improved freshness.
Figures as examples for showing the product benefit