How would you like your appliance to be installed?

Freestanding appliances
As well as the design aspect, the advantage of freestanding appliances is that they can be easily taken along when moving and installed in your new kitchen. With a wide variety of different surfaces ranging from classic white to modern fronts made from glass and stainless steel, we offer high-quality, convenient interior design.
Freestanding, integrated, or built-under? How would you like your appliance to be installed? You have all the options with Miele. The perfect refrigeration appliance for you – for maximum convenience and perfect design harmony in your kitchen.
Built-in appliances
If you would like to integrate your refrigeration appliance into the design of your kitchen, then we recommend a built-in appliance. Built-in appliances can be fitted with a front panel to match your kitchen or with a Miele stainless steel front so they fit perfectly into your kitchen design.
Built-under appliances
Built-under appliances can be installed under a worktop and offer plenty of space for food in small kitchens.
Built-in appliances from the MasterCool series offer a combination of perfect integration into your kitchen and maximum volume. A variety of combination options also allow for complete personalised solutions that meet the highest requirements in terms of materials, design and quality.
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