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Miele refrigerators are designed to keep your groceries fresh in an efficient and well organised way. Intelligent PerfectFresh and PerfectFresh Pro compartments guarantee that food is kept fresh expertly. Choose from an impressive range of “Your Miele” models. Freestanding appliances are offered in heights of 85 cm to 200 cm.
These appliances offer plenty of storage space for fresh food and also for frozen food; each section has its own door. Miele fridge-freezers combine convenient, gentle storage of fresh food – particularly in PerfectFresh and PerfectFresh Pro drawers – as well as frozen food in one appliance.
Miele freezers are powerful and efficient, and exemplary in terms of organisation and functionality. They can be set up as stand-alone appliances or combined with a matching Miele refrigerator. The design is characterised by a simple, yet timeless style. The internal features are also impressive, for example excellent freezing efficiency to -26 °C.
Wine units
Miele wine units provide the optimum storage conditions for your wine collection. With individually controlled temperature zones for different types of wine, your reds and whites are guaranteed professional treatment. Miele wine units are not just professional equipment for wine connoisseurs, but are also a prestigious designer piece for your home.
Miele offers appliances that come equipped with special features to keep food fresh, refrigerate it or store it, all under optimum conditions. From built-in to freestanding appliances to special refrigeration appliances – Miele appliances contribute to a healthy and modern lifestyle.
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