Storage with style

For true connoisseurs, the enjoyment of wine begins with the selection of the wine itself. The length of time you can enjoy its rich flavour depends upon how it is stored at home. The correct storage conditions of wine have a direct effect on its shelf life. A Miele wine conditioning unit offers you the ideal conditions for storing the most sophisticated vintages.brPrecise controls enable you to set different temperatures in each zone to suit the wines you are storing. This allows you to store different types of wine under ideal conditions. Particularly when storing wine over long periods of time, storage facilities must meet specific demands in terms of ambient temperature.brMiele wine conditioning units offer a reliable solution and keep the desired temperature constant. The features are as individual as your wine. Thanks to the variety of designs, they can be perfectly integrated into the design of your kitchen or your home and with the professional SommelierSet, they form an absolute eye-catcher as a designer piece.
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