Miele Lounge Singapore

Explore and experience the world of Miele beyond the Miele Experience Centre at the Miele Lounge. Beyond the experience of selecting your choice of appliances, Miele welcomes you to a whole new dimension of experience. Find out how to create new works of culinary art and unearth a treasure trove of knowledge to make the most out of your Generation 7000 appliances at the multiple active kitchens, set in various cabinetry finishings, in a private lounge setting.  


Miele offers an experiential journey that aims to improve your lifestyle when using our appliances. Themed MasterClass workshops featuring prominent chefs sharing their signature recipes and dishes for the season with the assistance of a Miele kitchen are also a staple of activities lined up for your enjoyment and to help you maximise your Miele experience.


The appreciation of Miele appliances is further complemented by an array of culinary, wine, media and lifestyle partner events, hosted exclusively for our guests and customers. Enjoy a session of fantastic dining with an exclusive menu from celebrity chefs, discovering outstanding wines to add to your collection and, most of all, revel in the good life. 




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