Trust in Miele TwoInOne induction hobs with integrated extractor.

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The extractor is integrated in the hob to remove cooking vapours right where they are produced.


The perfect union of hob and extractor

The TwoInOne brings together for the first time the Miele PowerFlex cooking zones with an automatic extractor and intuitive operation.

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The perfect union of hob and extractor

No matter whether you are frying or steaming, the TwoInOne reliably absorbs vapours and odors. Fats are efficiently filtered through the 10-ply stainless steel metal grease filter. The automatic Con@ctivity 2.0 feature determines the correct fan setting and regulates it continuously during the entire cooking process. So you can concentrate fully on making great food. PowerFlex is characterized by the flexible use of the cooking zones and a particularly high power output.

Intuitive operation is ensured by the SmartSelect controls, which help you make the most of a wide range of functions.

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From individual cooking pots to oversized roasting pans

Easy to use, everything in one place

PowerFlex cooking zones – particularly versatile and flexible

Powerful and fast

Miele TwinBooster technology offers unrivaled speed with an output of up to 7.3 kW. It brings water to the boil in record time.

Clever and practical

Permanent pan recognition automatically activates the numerical keybank of the cooking zones if there are any pans on the hob when you switch it on. 

Convenient operation

Control the TwoInOne using a touch-screen that is easy to clean.


Easy operation guaranteed

Thanks to SmartSelect, power levels and other functions for each cooking zone can be selected quickly and intuitively. Each cooking zone is equipped with a row of yellow backlit numbers, which are easy to read from every angle.

Con@ctivity 2.0

A perfect combination

Con@ctivity 2.0 automatically switches the extractor on and off and adjusts the extractor power to the cooking process. This way, you always have a pleasant room climate and can concentrate entirely on cooking. The extractor even switches off automatically when not needed.

Convenient operation

It is easy to clean thanks to its high-quality ceramic glass.


All movable parts of the TwoInOne, such as the filter box and the grille, can be easily removed by hand and cleaned in the dishwasher.

The compact design​

TwoInOne enables flexible installation options.


Thanks to the compact design, the extractor takes up very little space and leaves plenty of room for drawers.

Choice of Installation

The TwoInOne is available in a frameless version which can be installed flush or surface-mounted.

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