GENERATION 7000 OVENCrafted for precision performance

Helena Rizzo redefines perfection

The world-acclaimed chef is a proud perfectionist and relies on the Generation 7000 oven to cook everything precisely as she wants it.

Precision roasting, every single time

The unique Wireless Food Probe cooks your food to a precise internal temperature, and then turns off the heat—giving you consistently perfect dishes.

Keep an eye on your creation, wherever you are

An exclusive feature, this integrated camera snaps a high-resolution picture every minute, allowing you to see the progress of your dish from your mobile phone.

Moisture Plus
Cook like a professional

Get perfect results with a tip taken from the top chefs. Moisture Plus injects bursts of steam during the cooking cycle, making roasts succulent and bread perfectly crusty.

The end of overcooking

Overcooking or overbaking is now a thing of the past, as our TasteControl technology rapidly cools the oven at the end of the cooking cycle, giving you the perfect dish, every time.

More Miele Innovations

Pyrolytic Cleaning

The pyrolytic cleaning function heats the oven to such a high temperature that all food residues simply turn to ash, which can then be effortlessly wiped away.

Rapid Heat

Take your oven from rest to ready quickly with the Rapid Heat Setting—ideal for when you simply can't wait to start cooking.

Temperature Accuracy

You can rely on your food to be cooked exactly as you want it—regardless of whether it's on the top or bottom shelf—as the temperature in the entire oven is impeccably accurate.

"There is no prouder moment than presenting a dish where everything is exactly as it should be"


Redefine perfection with the innovative Generation 7000 range.

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