Makoto AzumaThe fragile beauty of nature

Ask world renowned artist Azuma Makoto what his greatest inspiration is, and he’ll answer with one word and without hesitation: Nature. Why? He’s fascinated by its fragility and is passionate about using such a delicate medium to transcend borders.

“It’s all about pushing creativity to new levels.”
Makoto AzumaWorld-renowned Artist

Based in Tokyo, Makoto’s exclusive flower boutique is the epicentre of his creative experimentation. Yet, he also often crosses the borders of his hometown to travel the world, exhibiting, performing, and discovering new types of flowers or plants. He’s constantly working to identify limits and surpass them, to create something that has a true impact on people.

Following nature’s leads

“I have a deep connection to flowers. I always keep in touch with them – whether it’s at my studio in Tokyo or during my travels.”

Makoto’s art originates from “Ikebana”, the traditional Japanese art of arranging flowers. For him, putting the flowers in exactly the right place and communicating with them during the process leads him into a meditative state. In these moments, he is completely at peace and can let his creativity flow freely. The ice sculptures he created for Miele locked in this moment, making it possible for others to experience this state with him. 

Azuma-san and the chefs

“I watched the chefs and was impressed by their wonderful craftmanship. How could they create so many different expressions in only one dish?”

As the son of a chef, Makoto would often observe his father at work and developed a great respect and enthusiasm for the profession: “Cooking is great art, which is similar to creating art with flowers. In both crafts, you choose, arrange and control natural materials, all the while considering how this may stimulate others”. So if he’s not just creating extraordinary flower art, he might be in his kitchen cooking impressive dishes, using Miele technology.

It’s all about the equipment

When you ask Makoto about his artistic methods, he will inevitably begin to speak about his scissors. He believes that if you want to achieve anything great, you must have tools that you can trust, that are an extension of you, that allow you to control every detail. For him, being able to precisely cut the flowers is one of his secrets to creating his works of art. 

Makoto created four different floral installations, each inspired by the core technology within the appliances and used natural landscapes to tell their stories. A glacier for the Dialogue Oven, a desert for the Oven, a lake for the Hob and a rain forest for the Combi Steam Oven. The results are combinations of colours and textures that depict worlds no one could have ever imagined before seeing them. Each one is an invitation to go beyond the ordinary.

“It is important to create convenience, but also to enrich people's minds.”