#Life Beyond OrdinaryWhen creativity flows, it shows

When you push the boundaries of excellence, and everything around you works seamlessly, you are transported to a special place. Where everything flows and your creativity can be released.

To go beyond what others think is possible – this is the challenge that motivates us to constantly try harder and push boundaries. We want to create appliances that revolutionise the way people cook. Appliances that know what you want even before you do.

"When you’re free to explore your ideas, the possibilities are endless."
Kyle Connaughton3 Michelin star chef

One artist meets three chefs

To celebrate the biggest launch of kitchen appliances in Miele’s history, we brought together innovators from different creative fields: game-changing cooking technology, three of the world’s best chefs and a renowned floral installation artist. This outstanding creative collaboration celebrated in a completely new way is what going beyond the ordinary really means.

Gaggan Anand, Kyle Connaughton, and Helena Rizzo are all highly awarded chefs, recognised with everything from Michelin Stars to the top positions in global rankings. Azuma Makoto is a renowned Japanese artist, famous the world over for his breath-taking floral sculptures. Together, they all took up the challenge of finding out how far they could push their craft with Miele’s new Generation 7000 kitchen appliances.

"I have never done anything before like this. And I have never imagined that something like this is possible."
Gaggan AnandAsia’s best restaurant 2015-2018

From a dish that cooks in both fire and ice, to an edible seasonal snapshot, to installations inspired by nature’s power – the four push art and cooking far beyond the ordinary.

Generation 7000. Our most intuitive range ever.

The 353 new products establish some of the most cutting-edge innovations that have ever been created. Imagine an oven that can cook without using heat, appliances that recognise and react to your movements, technology that is more connected than ever before. Each and every product is not only exceptionally intuitive but comes in a highly aesthetic design. 

We truly believe that technology can inspire creativity and take it to a higher level. And when it does, you can consistently achieve perfect results. That’s the level of love, depth and quality we want to bring to all of our products.