Miele Dryer Fragrances

For That Freshly Washed Smell

Tumble Dryer Fragrances

Ensure that clothes leave your dryer accompanied by your favourite long-lasting fragrance, with a varied selection of timeless scents available to choose from.

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Treat Your Senses And Laundry

Miele Fragrances, meticulously crafted by expert perfumers in Provence - each distinct scent provides a unique way to elevate and personalize your laundry experience. Not only are your garments well protected, but they also receive a delicate or pronounced scent of your preference, enhancing your overall laundry results.

A Sensory Indulgence That Lasts

Our scents are permeated through your clothing at the perfect moment during the drying cycle, resulting in a fresh fragrance that lasts for several weeks, all without the need for fabric conditioner.

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Miele flacons are compatible with all our FragranceDos** tumble dryers, they feature an exclusive design that allows you to control the amount of dispensed fragrance with a twist. Our fresh scents last up to four weeks without requiring a fabric conditioner.

Multipacks: 3 in a set

Compatible machines - Miele recommended

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* Patented technology from our perfume supplier Mane.

** Patent: EP 2 431 516

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